PerlonNextrusion: A portrait


The PerlonNextrusion Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic monofilaments. Our fibers, wires and threads are sold worldwide. Expertise, quality and innovation are our hallmarks. We offer an extremely diverse product portfolio manufactured by a 300-strong workforce at our two long-established sites in Bobingen and Dormagen.

Our monofilaments made from polyester, polyamide, PPS and other polymers are ideally suited for further processing in paper machine clothing, filtration fabrics, ships’ hawsers, fishing lines, tennis strings, conveyor belts, spacer fabrics, agricultural fences and many other technical textile applications.


Our vision

Perlon Nextrusion ranks as one of the most innovative companies in the sector. Together with our customers, we are developing monofilaments for the markets of tomorrow. The consistently high quality of our products sets standards worldwide. This has spurred us on to further expand our market leadership in paper machine clothing.

With our brands and technological expertise, we also aim to be a top supplier of advanced technical textiles. Our portfolio for new markets continues to grow steadily. Consequently, we are going one step further: together, we are working to become the leading global manufacturer of monofilaments.


60 years of monofilament production in Bobingen

  • 1956 Start of monofilament production as part of Hoechst AG
  • 1999 Sale of monofilament division to Johns Manville (USA)
  • 2001 Teijin Ltd (Japan) purchases the monofilament production facilities in Germany; establishment of Teijin Monofilament Germany GmbH
  • 2010 Serafin acquires Teijin Monofilament Germany GmbH; change of name to Nextrusion GmbH
  • 2014 Nextrusion acquires Perlon-Monofil GmbH from Lanxess; rebranding as PerlonNextrusion Group

67 years of monofilament production in Dormagen

  • 1949 The first hundred tonnes of Perlon® monofilament roll off the production line in Dormagen – as fishing lines and bristles
  • 2005 Establishment of Perlon-Monofil GmbH as a subsidiary of Lanxess Deutschland GmbH (spin-off from Bayer AG)
  • 2008 New production line with fully automated winder
  • 2014 Perlon-Monofil and Nextrusion, the two world-beating German monofilament manufacturers, pool resources and merge to form the PerlonNextrusion Group


The PerlonNextrusion Group is owned by the Serafin group of companies which has its headquarters in Munich. The Serafin philosophy has evolved over the 150 years that the shareholder family have been in business. Consistent with the tradition of responsible ownership, Serafin is run as a long-term partnership between shareholders, employees and customers.

Serafin took the decision to invest in Nextrusion and Perlon-Monofil based on their impressive performance and potential. The subsequent merger of these two companies as the PerlonNextrusion Group was intended to jointly further their development and strengthen their competitive position in the market.


Production sites

The Perlon Nextrusion Group production sites, one at Bobingen and the other at Dormagen, are both steeped in tradition. Perlon Nextrusion Monofil GmbH has its company headquarters in Bobingen, a small town in Bavaria, approximately 90km west of Munich and ten minutes’ car journey to the south of Augsburg. This is the original production site for polyester monofilament, at that time as part of Hoechst AG.

Perlon-Monofil GmbH is located in Dormagen, a town approximately 20km north of Cologne and 25 minutes’ drive south of Dusseldorf. Polyamide monofilament was first manufactured here under the aegis of Bayer AG.


Systematic quality

Customer satisfaction is paramount at the PerlonNextrusion Group. We are fully committed to constantly improving the quality of our products. We observe strict compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management systems. All members of staff are actively involved in the continuous improvement process.

Our management system is subject to regular internal and external audits, and ensuing recommendations are implemented. Our business objectives are guided by our high quality standards. In this way, we achieve optimum control of the indicator-based processes and establish a highly efficient management system. The result is top quality – Made in Germany.

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Environmentoccupational safety and energy efficiency

Standing alongside quality, productivity and cost-consciousness as the main pillars of our corporate philosophy are environmental protection, occupational safety and energy efficiency. We are constantly mindful of our duty of strict compliance with the ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 50001 standards for environmental and energy management systems. Our robust policy on environmental protection and occupational safety is important for the long-term success of the company and for the retention of customer trust.
One of our key objectives in environmental protection is to reduce our ecological footprint. As a matter of course, we comply with environmental legislation, and in our research and development work, we place great emphasis on the sparing use of raw materials and energy resources.

By continuously optimizing our processes and carefully selecting the materials used in product development, we are contributing to a reduction in energy consumption, emissions, sewage and waste.

Enhanced occupational safety also contributes to a reduced environmental impact while improving product safety. The active participation of all employees in our occupational safety processes is explicitly encouraged. In this way, we ensure optimum efficiency and functionality as well as the minimisation of accidents and errors in the workplace.
PerlonNextrusion: Safely successful!

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