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It is the quality of our products more than anything else that makes us the market leader in the field of synthetic monofilaments for paper machine clothing, and in almost all applications that come under the heading of Advanced Technical Textiles. PerlonNextrusion offers a wide range of high-performance monofilaments made from different polymers.

Our polyamide monofilaments are sold under the Perlon® brand and our polyester monofilaments as QualiFil®.

The Perlon® and QualiFil® trademarks stand for expertise, quality and innovation.

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Product range

In the areas of paper machine clothing (PMC) and Advanced Technical Textiles (ATT), we offer a wide range of quality monofilaments made from various polymers. In the diameter range 0.05mm – 6.00mm, you can choose from a variety of technologies, in each case with customized properties.

Our monofilaments are based on hot-melt spun polymers such as PET, PBT, PA, PPS, PEN, PLA, TPE-E, and they come with different viscosity levels.

Our monofilaments are produced to order in compliance with agreed delivery times. Deliveries are made on flanged bobbins and cops or as hanks in winding weights of one to 500 kilos packaged in heavy-duty cardboard on pallets.

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Our extensive ready-to-deliver range is supplemented by the following special products:


    Technical data

    The various technologies and polymer systems of our monofilaments can be downloaded as a PDF from the password-protected area of this site. This is where you will find more details about the technical characteristics of our monofilaments. To gain access to this area, please log in or request access using the registration form.



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    Safety data

    We regard safety as paramount. In our data sheets, we inform you about the safety aspects of our products. We will be happy to send these to you on request. Contact us!

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    Special purchases

    We offer special purchases and small quantities at special rates calculated on a daily basis. We will be happy to let you know about current offers. Contact us!

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